Promoteq acts as agent and distributor for world leading manufactures in the defense and security industry.

Personal Equipment

Promoteq have a long and solid experience and knowledge in the field of personal equipment. We can match your needs for everything from uniform systems and ballistic body protection and helmets to tactical equipment suitable for the police and military, as well as the private security industry. We create functional and integrated systems so that your buisness gets the right equipment. Some of the manufacturers we work with are Sordin, Hesco Armor, Ferro Concepts, Avon, High Speed Gear and more.

Weapons & Ammunition

Promoteq supplies market-leading weapon systems, weapon accessories and optics to Swedish and other European authorities, security companies and companies. We can supply everything from pistols and carbines to fast-firing machine guns and 40mm grenade launchers and accessories for the above. We also supply ammunition in all calibers. Among our agencies you will find Glock, Colt Canada, Magpul, Milkor, Profense, Steyr and more.

Sensors and electro optics

Promoteq provides a variety of soldier carried sensor packages to support around the clock operations. Full spectrum thermal devices, image intensifiers, laser modules, beacons and reflective panels, to name a few.


Unmanned Systems

Promoteq’s unmanned systems’ portfolio covers air, sea, and land-borne operations. We work with premiere industry partners such as Parrot, Teledyne, and Deep Trekker, to ensure complete coverage for any specific task or mission profile. 



Promoteq’s selection of CBRN products consists of Avon Protection’s leading respiratory technologies and protective gear, and our other partners’ decontamination equipment, CBRN protective inner and outer clothing, as well as identification and detection products.


Combat Engineering and EODD

Promoteq supplies high end combat engineering and innovative explosive disposal solutions. Amongst the equipment we offer are mine detectors, disruptors, user filled UXO/EODD devices, hook and line kits, as well as various initiators and firing circuits.


Communication & Power Supply

Promoteq markets communication devices such as the L3Harris’ Rover and SATCOM systems, as well as Power management systems from Galvion. These are systems currently in use by Armed forces around the globe.

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